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Friday, September 16, 2011

New Online Poker Room For US Players : BetOnline.com

With the reversal of USA's stance on the Wire Act, it seems that legal real money poker is on the verge of reality in America. See RealMoneyPoker.org's article on the subject.
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What blind structure favor Ivey?

The blind structure of a poker tournament is important in terms of giving certain players an edge over one another. The number of chips that players start with, as well as the amount and frequency that blinds start and increase are all factors that influence how a poker tournament plays. When considering playing in a live or online texas holdem poker tournament, it makes sense to know the blind structure and decide whether the tournament’s structure caters to your abilities and skill level.

A holdem tournament that features shorter stacks and higher blinds typically favors the novice poker player. While such a structure does not guarantee that a new or inexperienced holdem player will win the tournament (or even cash for that matter), a short stacked poker tournament does bring a higher element of luck into the equation. Short stack poker tournaments do not afford the luxury for players to make elaborate plays after the flop, as players often run out of chips to bet. As a result, they find themselves having to shove on the flop or turn (correctly).

Being correctly able to shove early takes the edge away from the more advanced holdem players, as the new players are unable to be outplayed in many tournament situations. Basically, a shorter stack helps to protect new, inexperienced tournament players from themselves because they cannot be outplayed easily. The short starting stack and quick-paced blinds caters mostly to players who play quality hands early and hard.

While short stacked poker tournaments are ideal for new players, a deep stack poker tournament allows pros such as Phil Ivey the opportunity to shine. The deeper the chips stack relative to the level of blinds, the more ‘play’ a tournament player has in them. The more room to play that the tournament pro has, the more likely they can cause their opposing players to make a mistake. Likewise, the more opportunity for mistake, the greater the chance that pros such as Ivey can exploit and benefit from their opponent’s errors in the tournament. Consequently, a deeper stacked poker tournament that has a slow and deliberate blind structure is the type of tournament that holdem tournament experts such as Phil Ivey thrive in.

When looking for a holdem poker tournament with a blind structure worthy of Phil Ivey himself, you may want to try LuckyAce Poker tournaments. LuckyAce Poker gives a 25% instant bonus on new deposits, which means you get up to £100 in bonus money immediately upon deposit to give some of the deeper stacked poker tournaments a try. With nice blind structures, relatively loose play and an instant bonus designed to impact your bankroll immediately, Lucky Ace Poker is a great online poker room to put your skills to the test.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The WSOP Launches Famous Main Event Rematches

Who isn't going to love a proper rematch? Unsurprisingly the WSOP feels poker devotees would like to see former opponents go at it one more time. The World Series of Poker announced a series of rematches from past Main Event showdowns.

The WSOP has done a fantastic job deciding on the matchups, Chris Moneymaker vs. Sammy Farha (2003), Johnny Chan vs. Phil Hellmuth (1989), and the final they are leaving up to the fanatics. You may opt for the third match up over at the WSOP Facebook fan page.

The fan options will be:

1988 WSOP: Johnny Chan vs. Erik Seidel
2004 WSOP: Greg Raymer vs. David Williams
2006 WSOP: Jamie Gold vs. Paul Wasicka
2010 WSOP: Jonathan Duhamel vs. John Racener

My personal favourite is 2004 WSOP: Greg Raymer vs. David Williams

The WSOP is doing something slightly different with each of the matches that is truly unique.

Moneymaker vs. Farha is going to be best two out of three. The first contest will have both players with the same exact chip count that they had going heads up in 2003. The second battle will reverse the chip stacks. And in the event that there exists a necessity for a third match it'll be fixed with equal chip stacks.

Chan vs. Hellmuth is a straight-up one match with even chip stacks.

No details have been supplied for the framework of the third, fan selected, match.

The Moneymaker vs. Farha rematch should be a favourite one. It was Moneymaker's win of the 2003 WSOP Main Event championship that has been credited as the beginning of the online poker boom. The story of a regular person participating in a $40 online satellite and making his way through the top poker players on the planet to win the ultimate prize in poker was nearly too good to be real.

Similarly, Raymer vs. Williams was one more story of somewhat unheard of but extremely personable players making it a lot farther than some people considered probable.

The rematches will be recorded for ESPN on June 2 in the Rio in Vegas. If you are in Vegas the events will be open to anyone and free to watch.

Full Tilt Support For Private Tournaments

Just in time for their Take 2 campaign Full Tilt Poker has released the latest update including quite a few extra features, including the opportunity to ask for exclusive tournaments and your account history.

The most significant improvement in the upgrade could be the private tournament option. Though Full Tilt has offered private tournaments they were only available by making contact with support. Now, private tournaments are far more on par with the PokerStars Home Games feature that allows players to plan their own events whenever they desire without worrying about the intervention of a customer service agent.

Examples of the other highlights rolled out in the upgrade:

- Ring game tickets: Building off the concept of tournament tickets now you can order buy-ins for cash games.

- Custom bet buttons: Go ahead and arrange custom buttons depending on how you play pre and post flop.

- Request account history: Need an review of your recent history? Well, Tilt has finally released the ability for you get at this information while not having to get in touch with customer service.

Download the latest version of Full Tilt Poker now.
Monday, April 4, 2011

Full Tilt Announces 2011 WSOP Qualifier Schedule

Full Tilt Poker recently announced their schedule of 2011 WSOP Qualifiers, with numerous means players to win their seat in the world’s most important poker contest.

Along with their schedule of Direct Qualifiers, Full Tilt Poker offers the following ways to win WSOP seats:

$1 Main Event Seats
Daily Shootouts
150 Seat Main Event Guarantee
Race to the Main Event
Steps to the Main Event

What's more, players are provided 10 million good reasons to win their 2011 WSOP Main Event seat at Full Tilt Poker with $10 Million Main Event Mania. If players earn their Main Event seat online at Full Tilt Poker and go on to win, they're going to be qualified for a $10,000,000 bonus on the top of their first-place prize money!

On top of the $10 million bonus, if participating players finish off in the money at this year's Main Event, Full Tilt will give to them a zero cost seat to the 2012 Main Event.

Full Tilt is also holding another carrot in front of the players whom win a minimum of one WSOP Main Event seat at Full Tilt Poker; players that win multiple seats for this year’s Main Event collect an entry to an exclusive $35K Multi-Entry Freeroll Tournament for every seat won.

Sign up at Full Tilt and we might see you at the final table.

Onyx Cup Series at Full Tilt Poker

Satellite events are now running to Onyx Cup Series, which consists of six impressive high-stakes live tourneys with buy-ins from $100K to $300K. The six-event prize pool is anticipated to get to $30 million - and you have a chance to there.

Full Tilt's Onyx Cup Series Qualifier tourneys award $105K Onyx Cup Series Event 1 Prize Packages - which include the $100K buy-in plus $5K for expenses. Onyx Cup Series Event 1 Qualifier tourneys are scheduled for the below times:

March 27th at 18:30 ET - $600+$40 buy-in
April 10th at 18:30 ET - $1,000+$60 buy-in
May 1st at 18:30 ET - $2,000+$100 buy-in

Players may buy-in direct as well as win a seat for a tiny proportion of the price tag via Full Tilt's super-satellites tournaments. Players may also win their Event 1 seat if you take part in the Onyx Cup Series Freeroll events.

The Onyx Cup Series is a group of live tournaments in the USA, Europe, and Asia. The players collect points in every tourney they participate in in and the player who amasses the most points will be provided a sports vehicle.

The Onyx Cup Series is made up of:

Half a dozen primary events with tournaments ranging from $100,000 - $300,000

Only the top 3 winners of each event get points which are then totaled

Prize pool expected at $30 million

See the Full Tilt website for additional details.
Saturday, April 2, 2011

Take 2 - Make as much as $25 and Double Points

Take 2 with Full Tilt Poker to earn up to a whopping $25 In addition to double the Full Tilt Points that you’d traditionally get for taking part in within your preferred ring games.

Running from Friday, April 8th to Sunday, April 17th, engage in a minimum of two normal ring-game tables at the same time or any sort of Rush Poker* game during Take 2 to get double the Full Tilt Points. Play as often as you're able during Take 2 and they’ll also incentive you with up to $25 in moolah, depending upon the number of days you play the game.

Make anywhere up to $25 in Cash

The more you play throughout Take 2, the more you’ll earn. Gain no less than five Take 2 bonus points on any five days all through Take 2 to get $5 in cash. Accomplish this on nine of the ten days to get an extra $20, for a total of $25:

Level 1: Play on any 5 days for the duration of Take 2 and collect $5
Level 2: Play on nine of the 10 days for the duration of Take 2 and acquire an extra $20, for a final total of $25

Get Double the Full Tilt Points

You'll find not one but two different methods to earn double the Full Tilt Points throughout Take 2:

Play Two normal ring-game tables concurrently and receive double points at BOTH tables. By way of example, if you happen to obtain sixty points whilst playing on a single table and forty points when playing on the other, you’d normally collect 100 Full Tilt Points with your play. Throughout Take 2, you’ll earn an overall total of 200 points - 100 points on your play plus an additional 100 bonus points.

Play any type of table of Rush Poker* - the world’s fastest poker game - and generate double points. By way of example, in the event you generate 100 points while playing in a Rush Poker* table during Take 2, you’ll get an additional 100 bonus points for a total of 200 Full Tilt Points. Rush Poker* is definitely the quickest approach to make double points during Take 2.

You may use your bonus points to obtain some great products through the Full Tilt Poker Store, including plasma Televisions, iPods, customizable Full Tilt Poker jerseys plus more. You can also make use of your points to get in very special Full Tilt Points Sit & Gos and Multi-Table Tournaments.

Tips on how to Participate in Take 2

Abide by these steps to be involved in Take 2 and claim your cash and bonus points:

If you haven’t done so already, download Full Tilt Poker and set up a free account.

Sign in to Full Tilt Poker and click on the red-colored Cashier button in the game lobby.

Click the My Promotions box and then the Take 2 link.

That will lead you to your own special Take 2 page. Refer to the instructions on this page - it's important to choose to participate in this promotion or else you not pick up cash or double points for your play in the course of Take 2.

Keep an eye on the number of bonus points along with the amount of cash you’ve obtained throughout Take 2 by using your own special Take 2 page in My Promotions. Your bonus points should be placed into your player account within one hour of being acquired; any money achieved during Take 2 shall be given out as soon as the promotion has terminated.